Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Obstetrics posting

An illuminating posting indeed, interesting - surely - fun...well...maybe not so much as some of my friends, but enjoyable enough.

Most if not all other universities combine obstetrics and gynaecology as a single posting. Luckily for us - i think - our first stint at this major posting was made half as hard as it should be. It was kind of awkward not knowing the gynae and only doing the obs part since the two are kind of a single inseparable entity. Still I am thankful that we didn't have to do both. Just obstetrics alone was hard enough...Actually just completing the delivery requirement was enough of an ordeal. There were loads of other stuff in our log book, and not to mention tons to read.

OK OK so the part about reading is a bit of an exaggeration. 'Obstetrics by Ten Teacher' isn't exactly what most people would expect of a medical book(it's less than 10 cm thick and isn't the size of a tombstone). The average bookworm medical student could probably finish it in two weeks or so. My 'not so little' little brother(As super duper of a bookworm as you can find) could probably do it in two days(while reading two or three other books at the same time).

Interestingly enough I didn't manage to even finish a single chapter. Just a bit here and a bit there. Funny isn't it? I - and the rest of group B(not sure about the supposedly harder working group A) - somehow managed to get by with the 'DUMEX book'. I wouldn't suggest my juniors do the same thing.

Your main focus from day 1 should be reading up 'Obstetrics by Ten Teachers'...And don't bother too much about completing the delivery requirement. You won't fail if you don't get enough deliveries, but you will fail the posting if you fail the clinical exam.

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