Tuesday, January 13, 2009

memories of the sun

The GP clinic that I'm attached to has a break from 1 pm to 2.30 pm, so every day at one o'clock sharp(I'm very punctual when it comes to breaks) I'd leave the comfortable air-conditioned room where I practice/study, into the blazing afternoon sun to the car(which is usually pretty far since parking spots are hard to get) and then drive home for lunch and zohor prayers.

Every (week) day for the past two weeks I meet the sun when it's at it's best(read: hottest and brightest). Well...not that I don't see it every day, but I usually find a reason to stay out of the afternoon sun (skin cancer!), plus it's been (very) sunny throughout my GP posting (don't talk about rain, I don't even see clouds!). So you can imagine if I've developed a greater respect for our star.

One day, as my brain was being fried by the afternoon sun, an old memory came back to me...

A memory of the sun...

It was one of those times that I was forced to bear the afternoon sun...stomach calls...I walked in the shades as much as I could(which in Ampang isn't much). I was walking under some trees, thinking that I was protected from the bright and hot rays when a wind came and parted the branches, and I found myself looking directly at the sun.

Obviously I instantly diverted my sight, but then every other part of my skin that was exposed to the sun felt like it was being boiled.

A thought came to me then:

This is the sun at 8.3 light minutes (149 600 000 km) from the Earth. What is it going to be like on the Day of Reckoning when the sun is only a spans(jengkal) distance from our head?

And another thought came as I pondered the first:

The sun even after being weakened by distance and Earths atmosphere can force me to lower my head. What then of The Creator of the sun, and of countless other 'suns' some far brighter and hotter than our own. Does obeisance then not belong to Him alone?

The only meaning to life is in servitude to Allah.


  1. Salam.

    My first time here. Nice place you have. Keep up with the reminders; your friends need them (me included).

    Question though: When do you find the time to maintain 4 blogs?

  2. the 4 blogs are meant to be considered as 1. I like to arrange and compartmentalise things. Makes it easier to focus, and keep my goals clear.

    theres also the scheduled publishing function^^

  3. Salam Hafizh, long time no see! it must've been a few years at least. where did you disappear to?? Heh. I was wondering the same thing as Ucop actually. My one blog tu pun I dont have much time to maintain, never mind four blogs. Speaking of which, terima kasih byk2 atas ur comment kat my blog tu. ur dad told u ke? i'm amazed how someone can be so close-minded...i think he's the one using selective attention when finding info pasal yahudi. heh. which clinic are u attached to anyway? keep in touch kay. ;)

    PS: to Ucop, u are most welcome to drop by my blog if u have anything to comment about. :)